Ike @ Melkweg Expo

Last week, Ike was invited to speak at the opening of a weekend-long (or short) exhibition at Melkweg Expo. Organized in collaboration with ‘Vincent op Vrijdag’ – known for their monthly Friday night bashes at the Van Gogh Museum, with DJs and cocktails – this exhibition featured ten upcoming artists that are somehow inspired by the 19th century painter. On opening night, last Thursday, Ike shared a couple of pieces he had written for the occasion, and the midnight-ruin classic Museumnacht.

Yep, some pretty funky inter textual and historical stuff happened there. We’re all looking forward to the next round! Keep an eye out for any news from Vincent op Vrijdag on facebook if you want to get a taste yourself.

Thanks to VOV for the invitation to speak, thanks to Melkweg for the great care. (Oh, and thanks to onlinegalerij.nl for the mention! I’m sure you must have thought: who is this Ike Krijnen? Is it a boy or a girl? We don’t know.)

…one hour before opening

(Title expo: Vincent exposeert: Van Gogh inspireert kunstenaars van nu. Date: February 23 thru 26, 2017.)