Ike @ Mokum Sessions

Thanks Mokum Sessions, for this wonderful collaboration. We are so proud of this video you shot with Ike, bringing a few people closer to an IG Karfield classic. Thanks to Torpedo Theater for allowing us to shoot the video at this magical location.


Last Friday, July 15th, Ike performed at the Rotterdam Schouwburg as part of a revolutionary spoken words theatre show, called ‘Spoken Arts: de persoonlijke wederopbouw in Rotterdam’ (a personal reconstruction in Rotterdam). Other poet warriors were (picture above): Be Romy, Mariana Hirschfield, Bnice, M., and Romano Haynes.

Word platforms and overall cultural beacons Ken Theater, Paginagroots and Woorden Worden Zinnen worked together to develop a night of spoken word like no-one had ever seen before, combining the art form with dance (Scapino Ballet), classical music (Sinfonia Rotterdam) and visuals (Amanda Harput). Each word platform was represented by two spoken word artists, and they were in turn matched with one of the above-mentioned groups, culminating to one big bowl of multidisciplinary performance art. Ike was a representative of Woorden Worden Zinnen, together with Bnice, and they worked with the dancers from Scapino. (More pictures will follow soon, as well as some moving image impressions.)

Great thanks to Elten Kiene from Woorden Worden Zinnen for inviting Ike to represent them. We are honored to have performed at this impressive venue, the Rotterdam Schouwburg, as well as having been able to work together with such great talent, all the way from the spoken word artists to the director (Tjon Rockon), producers, lighting…everyone! Hope for mirror-like activities in yet uncertain futures has been expressed.