Ike @ Read My World Festival

Guest appearance at the Read My World Festival. Bonfires, poetry, awareness. Thanks to Woorden Worden Zinnen for the invite. The website features a great old picture; it’s a freeze frame from the video nomination rounds of Van Dale Spoken FM Awards 2015. We suppose Mr. Karfield was talking too loud for Ike’s liking. None such cacophony during this intimate little performance at Tolhuistuin.

Ike @ Duizel in het Park

duizel (c) beeldinzicht

Hitting up Rotterdam, together with spoken word monster beasts Derek Otte, Mariana Hirschfield, and M. The four of us were featured in a segment called ‘Luister & Duizel’.  Thanks for the invite, you guys! We had fun…Hope the Vroesenpark visitors did, too.

Launch Clubspoken

June 14th of 2017 is the day that Clubspoken was officially launched. With an exclusive showcase at cocktail lounge Apt. in Amsterdam, eight members of the very first spoken-word agency in The Netherlands were presented to the public. Ike, as a proud member, was one of them. Check out his profile on the agency’s website here. The night was hosted by the always and forever hilarious Farbod Frappant.

Below is a photographic impression of the launch party by Lexie Spiegelreflexie. (Clubspoken’s promo video as seen above was shot by VERS TV.)

Ike @ Vrijheidsmaaltijd

On May 4th and 5th of every year The Netherlands organizes so-called freedom dinners (Vrijheidsmaaltijd) all across the land. On these two days, the country commemorates  (May 4th) World War II and the liberation from German occupation (May 5th) back in 1945. The otherwise-called eat-and-meets are meant to bring people together, from different cultures and generations.


This year, Ike was invited to one of these, held in Radion, to talk about his renegade grandmother, or so he chose to do. If you know Ike you know the piece we’re talking about…It’s an hommage to those who lived the before-mentioned war, and to those who are unable to talk about it — an hommage to anyone unable to talk about any war from any time. Pax et artis.

Ike @ Mokum Sessions

Thanks Mokum Sessions, for this wonderful collaboration. We are so proud of this video you shot with Ike, bringing a few people closer to an IG Karfield classic. Thanks to Torpedo Theater for allowing us to shoot the video at this magical location.

Ike @ MZD Arnhem # 9

Cees de Beer and Tim Lenders from Mensen Zeggen Dingen made the daring decision to invite us to perform at one of their more intimate venues in Amsterdam after a swift encounter at K&K Amersfoort, organized by PoetryPusher. Everyone had a blast at Papieren Helden, we suppose (and sure as hell did), as we were immediately after invited to come out to Arnhem for another edition of MZD, this time at 5th Avenue in Arnhem. The result includes shiny crotches and microphone love.

Thanks to those involved for getting us on those stages…We love ya!

Pictures courtesy of MZD / photographer: Anouk van Tiel.

IFIGK @ Woorden Worden Zinnen

These past days in February have been exciting, with lots of performances and new spoken word friends. Thanks to all those who love and manage successfully to organize these events where can come together and share thoughts and sounds. That sounds…ah, well…we ain’t tree huggin’ and we sure weren’t hugging trees at the Tolhuistuin on Frebruary 7, though they may have kept us warm from the IJ storm.


Instead the Tuinhuis of Tolhuistuin kept us warm, as well as Woorden Worden Zinnen #26, and the performers below. ((very nice) Pictures by Stacii Samidin.)


Kimberly Martina


Brian Kemble


Widad Sitti


Roger Buyne a.k.a. Lost


Santusia Soñador & Miss Kitty




Justin Samgar, the PoetryPusher


Amir Sulaiman

Thank you all for your words, and thanks to Ella (host/organizer) and Wesley (organizer) for inviting IFIGK to speak at your first Amsterdam edition. We had a blast!




(Please give one more round of praise for this evening’s photographer, Stacii Samidin Awesome pics!)


Last night, Ike performed at the first edition of spoken word event RADIATOR. Organized by WORDBITES and hosted by PoetryPusher, the evening featured Daan Doesborgh, JNM The Naked MCAmber-Helena Reisig, and Juriaan Buikema.


It was a blast and honor to be part of this evening, the first of a series of four. Next session will be held on November 19, 2015 @ RADION. We will be there, as visitors, watching, listening, radiating…