Klein New Orleans Festival (Utrecht)

Ike for IGK at the Klein New Orleans Festival in Utrecht, in May this year. Intermezzionary little performances of Green Creatures pieces. Thanks for the roaming freedom we received from the organization, to intervene poetically wherever we saw fit. Thanks to the friendly musicians for the rhythmic support to some of the intermezzos we provided. We remember a cello boss and a plastic bucket boss in the background at stage 2 on the Breedstraat. Thanks to Anahí Clemens (1) and Roel Determeijer (2-4) for the pictures. Thanks to the, shoot, I don’t know, one thousand, two thousand visitors of the festival. What a bleb-bweb, bevoovep blast!

IFIGK by Anahí

IFIGK by Roel IFIGK by Roel IFIGK by Roel