“Campus hippo” by Mr. Karfield

Sea horse by Giric
Illustration by Giric on DeviantArt.com

This poem was recently released by us on the “(green) CREATURES” blog as a SNEAK PEEK special into the little red booklet. It features a baby sea horse that is growing up to be the harmless yet magical creature that it is.


Campus hippo

See horse
Sea monster
See forces
Sea wonders
If larva will change
Its shape along the road
Grow teeth ten sizes
Bigger than its nose

Go deep inside
The ocean and glow
Spark beef with sharks
Where the water doesn’t flow

See horse
Sea monster
Seek more
See larvae
Not fierce-looking beasts
Eating animal testers –
Those human freak hunters Leave your beauty to fester

See not conquering king crabs
But fair court jesters
Tiny, mystical creatures
From much larger ancestors

Sea horse
See wonder