Ike @ Vrijheidsmaaltijd

On May 4th and 5th of every year The Netherlands organizes so-called freedom dinners (Vrijheidsmaaltijd) all across the land. On these two days, the country commemorates  (May 4th) World War II and the liberation from German occupation (May 5th) back in 1945. The otherwise-called eat-and-meets are meant to bring people together, from different cultures and generations.


This year, Ike was invited to one of these, held in Radion, to talk about his renegade grandmother, or so he chose to do. If you know Ike you know the piece we’re talking about…It’s an hommage to those who lived the before-mentioned war, and to those who are unable to talk about it — an hommage to anyone unable to talk about any war from any time. Pax et artis.


Last night, Ike performed at the first edition of spoken word event RADIATOR. Organized by WORDBITES and hosted by PoetryPusher, the evening featured Daan Doesborgh, JNM The Naked MCAmber-Helena Reisig, and Juriaan Buikema.


It was a blast and honor to be part of this evening, the first of a series of four. Next session will be held on November 19, 2015 @ RADION. We will be there, as visitors, watching, listening, radiating…