Ike for Old Amsterdam

As part of De Schone Schrijvers during the anniversary week of Westland cheese/Old Amsterdam, Ike wrote personalized, bite-size poems on demand, together with Smita James and Berber Bijlsma. You could find us at the headquarters in Huizen last Friday. We had great fun, and hopefully the employees who received a poem did too. Below you can read the poem (Dutch) Ike wrote for one of the original founders Klaas Westland.


Jij bent de opperbaas
een eindbaas, sterker nog
dat je samen met je broer
die unieke kaas maakte en verkocht

dat je anders dacht en smakelijk
als de wind door markten woei
dat je serieus vermakelijk
je na vis nu ook met kaas bemoeit.

Ike for Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

hyatt regency

Ike stretches his fingers doing jazz hands as part of the De Schone Schrijvers team during the grand opening of Hyatt Regency Amsterdam (June 8th). Left of him, Justin Samgar — and Smita James was there too. Yes, we are Clubspoken, and you can hire our butts. Picture shot by Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy.