Van Dale Spoken Awards® 2015 (NOMINATION – Comedy)

Amazing news yesterday, when spoken word platform SPOKEN announced the final nominees for The Netherlands’ first national spoken word prize: the Van Dale Spoken Awards®. Ike has been nominated in the category ‘Comedy‘. Furthermore, he will be tagging along for a shot at the night’s grand award, ‘Most Inspiring Discovery 2015‘. There are twenty nominees in total. The award show will be held at the Oude Luxor in Rotterdam, on December 2nd of this year.

spoken 2 dec

We owe a great thanks to Wordbites and PoetryPusher, organizers of RADIATOR, who chose me as the representative for this spoken word event in Radion Amsterdam. It only took them ten minutes on that 22nd October, to find out that Ike would stand a chance in Spoken FM’s first rounds in Amsterdam.


Although it will be a jury of four that will decide on the nominees’ fate, please vote for me as well as my nomination for the comedy award by registering to the site and clicking HERE. It might help!

Don’t forget to love the other nominees if you have the chance. Among them are Ike’s Amsterdam friends Theo Danes, Guus van der Steen, L-Deep, and Justin Samgar.