IFIGK @ WeMakeTheCity

This summer, Ike was invited to speak at the WeMakeTheCity Festival, focussing on urban planning during a Friday morning forum called Making Places. For this occasion, IG Karfield wrote a spoken word piece, inspired by the legacy of Jane Jacobs, titled There is no logic that can be superimposed on human kind.

Check out his performance in the video below, starting at TC 1:23:52.

IFIGK @ Kannen & Kruiken (Amersfoort)

It’s a bit getting used to keeping up, but we are slowly getting there. And indeed, this is a post about an IFIGK performance in advance, so you might still be able to make it, if you dare. There. In Amersfoort, what are the chances. Well, the odds just got a little better with Kannen & Kruiken Festival.

Lo, and behold the great SPRAAKMAKERS stand, where you can order Ike (f)or IG Karfield or one of the many other, talented performers. Then, you shall flush it down with your favorite beer or wine you didn’t know was your favorite. That’s SPRAAKMAKERS @ Kannen & Kruiken Amersfoort 2016 for ya…(Brought to you by PoetryPusher.)

Some of the animal artist beasts standing by me upcoming weekend are Gino van Weenen, Farbod Frappant, Doortje Peters, and Theo Danes. (Wowww…) Better catch that.

(Check out their website or facebook event for more info.)

IFIGK @ Edelwise

Another performance by Ike, this time at EdelWise Festival in Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam on the last day of July. Fifteen minutes of intimate listening to freaky Ike and IGK poems as part of the silent stage – much ado with the festival phenomenon silent disco. Picture hundreds of festival-goers from around the world tuning in on the green CREATURES, and Ike’s most recent work in  Dutch. Some even dancing. Pictured it? Now, send that picture to igkarfield@gmail.com, because we couldn’t find it, snarf, snarf. Some other images, courtesy of EdelWise, can be found below.

Thanks to those who invited us! And great thanks to those five to ten loyal listeners on that summer day. Loved seeing your faces with those headphones on. Hope to see you again next year!

Klein New Orleans Festival (Utrecht)

Ike for IGK at the Klein New Orleans Festival in Utrecht, in May this year. Intermezzionary little performances of Green Creatures pieces. Thanks for the roaming freedom we received from the organization, to intervene poetically wherever we saw fit. Thanks to the friendly musicians for the rhythmic support to some of the intermezzos we provided. We remember a cello boss and a plastic bucket boss in the background at stage 2 on the Breedstraat. Thanks to Anahí Clemens (1) and Roel Determeijer (2-4) for the pictures. Thanks to the, shoot, I don’t know, one thousand, two thousand visitors of the festival. What a bleb-bweb, bevoovep blast!

IFIGK by Anahí

IFIGK by Roel IFIGK by Roel IFIGK by Roel

IFIGK @ Breaking the Waves Festival

Exactly 15 minutes of fame for Ike for IG Karfield at the Breaking the Waves Festival in Bergen, The Netherlands. From 5.55 PM to 6.10 PM, on the literary/classical stage. Ike will be performing a selection of poems from the little red booklet ((green) CREATURES). For anyone who’s interested, you will recognize him by the wig spot and lengthy lashes as seen in his latest video, GAIA’S KINGDOM 3.0.

See you hardcore (Holland-based) fans out there coming Saturday. For everyone else: we’ll have pictures and vids, so don’t worry.