IFIGK @ Edelwise

Another performance by Ike, this time at EdelWise Festival in Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam on the last day of July. Fifteen minutes of intimate listening to freaky Ike and IGK poems as part of the silent stage – much ado with the festival phenomenon silent disco. Picture hundreds of festival-goers from around the world tuning in on the green CREATURES, and Ike’s most recent work in  Dutch. Some even dancing. Pictured it? Now, send that picture to igkarfield@gmail.com, because we couldn’t find it, snarf, snarf. Some other images, courtesy of EdelWise, can be found below.

Thanks to those who invited us! And great thanks to those five to ten loyal listeners on that summer day. Loved seeing your faces with those headphones on. Hope to see you again next year!


Last Friday, July 15th, Ike performed at the Rotterdam Schouwburg as part of a revolutionary spoken words theatre show, called ‘Spoken Arts: de persoonlijke wederopbouw in Rotterdam’ (a personal reconstruction in Rotterdam). Other poet warriors were (picture above): Be Romy, Mariana Hirschfield, Bnice, M., and Romano Haynes.

Word platforms and overall cultural beacons Ken Theater, Paginagroots and Woorden Worden Zinnen worked together to develop a night of spoken word like no-one had ever seen before, combining the art form with dance (Scapino Ballet), classical music (Sinfonia Rotterdam) and visuals (Amanda Harput). Each word platform was represented by two spoken word artists, and they were in turn matched with one of the above-mentioned groups, culminating to one big bowl of multidisciplinary performance art. Ike was a representative of Woorden Worden Zinnen, together with Bnice, and they worked with the dancers from Scapino. (More pictures will follow soon, as well as some moving image impressions.)

Great thanks to Elten Kiene from Woorden Worden Zinnen for inviting Ike to represent them. We are honored to have performed at this impressive venue, the Rotterdam Schouwburg, as well as having been able to work together with such great talent, all the way from the spoken word artists to the director (Tjon Rockon), producers, lighting…everyone! Hope for mirror-like activities in yet uncertain futures has been expressed.

IFIGK @ Woorden Worden Zinnen

These past days in February have been exciting, with lots of performances and new spoken word friends. Thanks to all those who love and manage successfully to organize these events where can come together and share thoughts and sounds. That sounds…ah, well…we ain’t tree huggin’ and we sure weren’t hugging trees at the Tolhuistuin on Frebruary 7, though they may have kept us warm from the IJ storm.


Instead the Tuinhuis of Tolhuistuin kept us warm, as well as Woorden Worden Zinnen #26, and the performers below. ((very nice) Pictures by Stacii Samidin.)


Kimberly Martina


Brian Kemble


Widad Sitti


Roger Buyne a.k.a. Lost


Santusia Soñador & Miss Kitty




Justin Samgar, the PoetryPusher


Amir Sulaiman

Thank you all for your words, and thanks to Ella (host/organizer) and Wesley (organizer) for inviting IFIGK to speak at your first Amsterdam edition. We had a blast!




(Please give one more round of praise for this evening’s photographer, Stacii Samidin Awesome pics!)

IFIGK @ Foam (poetry reading)

Last Friday, Ike was granted the wonderful opportunity to perform at Foam, the photography museum in Amsterdam. Along with Kira Wuck, Tieka, Amber-Helena Reisig, Smita James, and Rene Oskam, he presented works written for the occasion – a poetry sesh in support of the exhibition of Francesca Woodman’s On Being An Angel. This event was organized in cooperation with and another artistic edition of #houdjemonddichter. Below is a few pictures, courtesy of the museum.

Thanks to #houdjemonddichter for the invitation, thanks to Foam for inviting poetry, thanks to the other speakers for their words, thanks to Justin Samgar for hosting, organizing, and what-not, thanks to the wonderful audience, your genuine respect and attention for the readers, and thanks to Francesca Woodman for her photography. You should sheck that out. Exhibition runs thru March 9th 2016.




IKE for Spoken Awards 2015 @ NOWHERE [VIDEO]

Video below of Ike’s performance from Friday November 20th 2015 at Nowhere in Amsterdam. Thanks again to the judges of the Van Dale Spoken Awards for nominating Ike in the category Comedy. We are very happy to have put a smile on your faces, and hope to have created the Biggest Smile and be your Most Inspiring Discovery* of 2015 as well.

*The Van Dale Spoken Awards® 2015 will grant six prizes on December 2nd 2015: Most Inspiring, Greatest Inspirer, Comedy, Lyrics, Poetry, and Storytelling. There are twenty nominees. The awards ceremony will be held at the Oude Luxor in Rotterdam. Tickets available HERE.

Van Dale Spoken Awards® 2015 (NOMINATION – Comedy)

Amazing news yesterday, when spoken word platform SPOKEN announced the final nominees for The Netherlands’ first national spoken word prize: the Van Dale Spoken Awards®. Ike has been nominated in the category ‘Comedy‘. Furthermore, he will be tagging along for a shot at the night’s grand award, ‘Most Inspiring Discovery 2015‘. There are twenty nominees in total. The award show will be held at the Oude Luxor in Rotterdam, on December 2nd of this year.

spoken 2 dec

We owe a great thanks to Wordbites and PoetryPusher, organizers of RADIATOR, who chose me as the representative for this spoken word event in Radion Amsterdam. It only took them ten minutes on that 22nd October, to find out that Ike would stand a chance in Spoken FM’s first rounds in Amsterdam.


Although it will be a jury of four that will decide on the nominees’ fate, please vote for me as well as my nomination for the comedy award by registering to the site and clicking HERE. It might help!

Don’t forget to love the other nominees if you have the chance. Among them are Ike’s Amsterdam friends Theo Danes, Guus van der Steen, L-Deep, and Justin Samgar.


full season

“WANTED, LOVED, BELIEVED…” – The New York Chives, December 7th 2014. This is from a review about Ike’s performance as a speed poet at V&D department store Utrecht, for last-minute shoppers on Holland’s greatest national holiday, Sinterklaas last year.

>> fastforward >>

‘Tis the season again…BUT…Are you too busy to write? Looking for a POEM this holiday? Ike for IG Karfield flies to the rescue as Holiday-Can-Be-Any-Of-Them-Sinterklaas-Hanukkah-Christmas-New Years-Poet

Send a message to igkarfield@gmail.com for more details.

This project is made possible by versataal®


“GELIEFD, GEWILD, GELOOFD…” – De Dennenaald, 7 december 2014. Dit is uit een recensie over Ike’s middag als sneldichter voor Sinterklaasshoppers in de V&D Utrecht vorig jaar.

>> doorspoelen >>

‘Tis weer die tijd van het jaar…MAAR…heb jij wel tijd om te schrijven? Zoek je misschien een GEDICHT voor deze feestdagen? Ike for IGKarfield helpt je uit de brand als Feestdagen-Maak-Niet-Uit-Welke-Sinterklaas-Chanoeka-Kerstmis-Oud&Nieuw-Dichter

Stuur een mail naar igkarfield@gmail.com voor meer details.

Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door versataal®

English BIO for tennis talent Dewi Dijkman

This fall, Ike’s versataal gathered one of its first editorial assignments: the translation of Dewi Dijkman’s biograpdewihy, published on her website. Dewi Dijkman is a young tennis talent, who is currently working on a WTA ranking, and we’ll be hearing from in the next few years on NOS Studio Sport, BBC Sport, and ESPN. Mark words.