Ike @ Underground

Last Saturday there was an underground party somewhere in Amsterdam, of which few details may be openly discussed. Anyway, Ike and IG Karfield both, we suppose, were there. And our brains is currently still a bit fried. We were drowned in Cava and compliments…coke and calabash. Thanks to Zsa Zsa for the invite, and that crazy artistic vision bearing host of the evening. No-one reads this so we might as well say his. Still, we won’t. Next time maybe. This is what us looked like that night:



Ike @ MZD Arnhem # 9

Cees de Beer and Tim Lenders from Mensen Zeggen Dingen made the daring decision to invite us to perform at one of their more intimate venues in Amsterdam after a swift encounter at K&K Amersfoort, organized by PoetryPusher. Everyone had a blast at Papieren Helden, we suppose (and sure as hell did), as we were immediately after invited to come out to Arnhem for another edition of MZD, this time at 5th Avenue in Arnhem. The result includes shiny crotches and microphone love.

Thanks to those involved for getting us on those stages…We love ya!

Pictures courtesy of MZD / photographer: Anouk van Tiel.

IFIGK @ Kannen & Kruiken (Amersfoort)

It’s a bit getting used to keeping up, but we are slowly getting there. And indeed, this is a post about an IFIGK performance in advance, so you might still be able to make it, if you dare. There. In Amersfoort, what are the chances. Well, the odds just got a little better with Kannen & Kruiken Festival.

Lo, and behold the great SPRAAKMAKERS stand, where you can order Ike (f)or IG Karfield or one of the many other, talented performers. Then, you shall flush it down with your favorite beer or wine you didn’t know was your favorite. That’s SPRAAKMAKERS @ Kannen & Kruiken Amersfoort 2016 for ya…(Brought to you by PoetryPusher.)

Some of the animal artist beasts standing by me upcoming weekend are Gino van Weenen, Farbod Frappant, Doortje Peters, and Theo Danes. (Wowww…) Better catch that.

(Check out their website or facebook event for more info.)

IFIGK @ Edelwise

Another performance by Ike, this time at EdelWise Festival in Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam on the last day of July. Fifteen minutes of intimate listening to freaky Ike and IGK poems as part of the silent stage – much ado with the festival phenomenon silent disco. Picture hundreds of festival-goers from around the world tuning in on the green CREATURES, and Ike’s most recent work in  Dutch. Some even dancing. Pictured it? Now, send that picture to igkarfield@gmail.com, because we couldn’t find it, snarf, snarf. Some other images, courtesy of EdelWise, can be found below.

Thanks to those who invited us! And great thanks to those five to ten loyal listeners on that summer day. Loved seeing your faces with those headphones on. Hope to see you again next year!


Last Friday, July 15th, Ike performed at the Rotterdam Schouwburg as part of a revolutionary spoken words theatre show, called ‘Spoken Arts: de persoonlijke wederopbouw in Rotterdam’ (a personal reconstruction in Rotterdam). Other poet warriors were (picture above): Be Romy, Mariana Hirschfield, Bnice, M., and Romano Haynes.

Word platforms and overall cultural beacons Ken Theater, Paginagroots and Woorden Worden Zinnen worked together to develop a night of spoken word like no-one had ever seen before, combining the art form with dance (Scapino Ballet), classical music (Sinfonia Rotterdam) and visuals (Amanda Harput). Each word platform was represented by two spoken word artists, and they were in turn matched with one of the above-mentioned groups, culminating to one big bowl of multidisciplinary performance art. Ike was a representative of Woorden Worden Zinnen, together with Bnice, and they worked with the dancers from Scapino. (More pictures will follow soon, as well as some moving image impressions.)

Great thanks to Elten Kiene from Woorden Worden Zinnen for inviting Ike to represent them. We are honored to have performed at this impressive venue, the Rotterdam Schouwburg, as well as having been able to work together with such great talent, all the way from the spoken word artists to the director (Tjon Rockon), producers, lighting…everyone! Hope for mirror-like activities in yet uncertain futures has been expressed.

“Zeeman” by Ike

sailurBelow is a piece about my (no longer) hidden desire to be a 19th century sailor of some raw, rummy kind. Performed at the Festina Lente Poetry Slam contest (First Rounds # II) in Amsterdam on November 18, 2013:

Soms ben ik graag een harige zeeman

Kapitein en knecht van eigen vleet
Gekleed in stank
En beklad met ankers, kreeft en zeemeerminnen
Vlaggen van hellische engelen
Spierballen als Popeye
Met pruimtabak tussen zijn rotte kiezen en ranzige wangen
Prangend, kankerend;
Wachtend op die verlossende rochel op het dek
En hoe de rum van de vorige avond
Het geheel zeer binnenkort zou volgen

Een vadsige zeeman
Die heimwee heeft naar vissersdorpen uit de 19e eeuw
Waar dronken kinderen en ploeterende wijven wachten
Die het gemis botviert op zijn stadse schatjes
Voor lief nemende de platjes
In zijn reeds onverzorgde baarden

Soms ben ik graag een harige zeeman
Met accordeons en Keltische fluiten
In zijn oorschelpen
Een vadsig kornuit, varend
Boegbeeld van kijf
Met zo’n brandend verlangen
Naar zijn zwoegende wijf