IFIGK @ WeMakeTheCity

This summer, Ike was invited to speak at the WeMakeTheCity Festival, focussing on urban planning during a Friday morning forum called Making Places. For this occasion, IG Karfield wrote a spoken word piece, inspired by the legacy of Jane Jacobs, titled There is no logic that can be superimposed on human kind.

Check out his performance in the video below, starting at TC 1:23:52.

Ike for Lettertypes

For an online word life initiative, Ike was invited to share a quote with culture king Lettertypes and the Haarlem library. It goes by #schrijversvandebieb (instagram it). Illustrator Linda van Bruggen reacts to quotes or small poems from different spoken word artists in The Netherlands. Mind you, these words are not spoken — they is a picture. Thanks to those involved for the collabo! We like our words in coffee.

Ike Krijnen schrijversvandebieb


Ike @ Worldtalks &Co

Back in April of this year, Ike was invited to speak at a TGI Friday forum at the SSBA Salon in Amsterdam, organized by Worldtalks &Co. Talks were held about the ongoing formation of the parliamental (pun unintended) coalition of this country. What could the people do to positively influence that secret government kneading of the mud? Ike talked about hippos.

Pictures courtesy of SSBA Salon: The world. Amsterdam. Thijs Roovers. Geerten Waling. Joris Wijnhoven. Ike. Listening to himself, if no-one else does.

Ike for Old Amsterdam

As part of De Schone Schrijvers during the anniversary week of Westland cheese/Old Amsterdam, Ike wrote personalized, bite-size poems on demand, together with Smita James and Berber Bijlsma. You could find us at the headquarters in Huizen last Friday. We had great fun, and hopefully the employees who received a poem did too. Below you can read the poem (Dutch) Ike wrote for one of the original founders Klaas Westland.


Jij bent de opperbaas
een eindbaas, sterker nog
dat je samen met je broer
die unieke kaas maakte en verkocht

dat je anders dacht en smakelijk
als de wind door markten woei
dat je serieus vermakelijk
je na vis nu ook met kaas bemoeit.

Ike for Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

hyatt regency

Ike stretches his fingers doing jazz hands as part of the De Schone Schrijvers team during the grand opening of Hyatt Regency Amsterdam (June 8th). Left of him, Justin Samgar — and Smita James was there too. Yes, we are Clubspoken, and you can hire our butts. Picture shot by Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy.

Ike @ Vrijheidsmaaltijd

On May 4th and 5th of every year The Netherlands organizes so-called freedom dinners (Vrijheidsmaaltijd) all across the land. On these two days, the country commemorates  (May 4th) World War II and the liberation from German occupation (May 5th) back in 1945. The otherwise-called eat-and-meets are meant to bring people together, from different cultures and generations.


This year, Ike was invited to one of these, held in Radion, to talk about his renegade grandmother, or so he chose to do. If you know Ike you know the piece we’re talking about…It’s an hommage to those who lived the before-mentioned war, and to those who are unable to talk about it — an hommage to anyone unable to talk about any war from any time. Pax et artis.

Ike @ Mokum Sessions

Thanks Mokum Sessions, for this wonderful collaboration. We are so proud of this video you shot with Ike, bringing a few people closer to an IG Karfield classic. Thanks to Torpedo Theater for allowing us to shoot the video at this magical location.

Ike @ Melkweg Expo

Last week, Ike was invited to speak at the opening of a weekend-long (or short) exhibition at Melkweg Expo. Organized in collaboration with ‘Vincent op Vrijdag’ – known for their monthly Friday night bashes at the Van Gogh Museum, with DJs and cocktails – this exhibition featured ten upcoming artists that are somehow inspired by the 19th century painter. On opening night, last Thursday, Ike shared a couple of pieces he had written for the occasion, and the midnight-ruin classic Museumnacht.

Yep, some pretty funky inter textual and historical stuff happened there. We’re all looking forward to the next round! Keep an eye out for any news from Vincent op Vrijdag on facebook if you want to get a taste yourself.

Thanks to VOV for the invitation to speak, thanks to Melkweg for the great care. (Oh, and thanks to onlinegalerij.nl for the mention! I’m sure you must have thought: who is this Ike Krijnen? Is it a boy or a girl? We don’t know.)

…one hour before opening

(Title expo: Vincent exposeert: Van Gogh inspireert kunstenaars van nu. Date: February 23 thru 26, 2017.)

IFIGK @ Schatjes / Kunstvlaai


Ike spilling his guts on art at gallery Schatjes in the city centre of Amsterdam. Schatjes formed part of the art tour organized by Kunstvlaai back in November of this year. Just weeks before the bugger had broken his pinky. Sad. But it wouldn’t stop him from spitting fire on the institution that is art, inspired by a letter he received from his alter ego, Mr. Karfield. Photo courtesy of the gallery’s owners.