This is the blog that collects the projects and works by IG Karfield, as well as those of his editor Ike Krijnen. This is where the editor meets (with) the writer; where you can find all their poetry, prose and editorial work with one click of a button. In the column on the left are links to the (mostly online) projects that Ike and Mr. Karfield have worked on together, including their first printed publication, “(green) CREATURES” (2013). On the homepage itself you will find news, updates, works, poems by others, and more stuff that Ike and Mr. Karfield like. We hope you like, too.

Mr. Karfield is an English language poet, and his work has been made available to the public through the editor’s efforts since 2009. Ike is a writer himself, too, although usually – but not exclusively – in service of Mr. Karfield’s works; he works in film and TV, as a script supervisor and media researcher. He is the owner of versataal, a small business aiming to provide services in going from Ideas to Words to Media, taking on any or all of these aspects of commercial and creative projects. Ike also enjoys performing quite a bit, both in Dutch and English. In between jobs, he spends most of his free time writing bicycles that don’t exist, and watching movies that still need to be ridden.

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